Arizona Trail: Picketpost

Well, life caught up to me and I got behind on posting adventures. It’s not that I haven’t had any adventures, I most certainly have! It’s that I’ve been bogged down in the following:

  • Studying for: Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry
  • Studying world crises and composing in depth discussions on them
  • Physics
  • Attending to children and their homework needs
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • And of course… running.

So- blogging took a backseat. Now finals are right around the corner and I’m taking a study break to update my adventures, however, I am going to let the pictures just speak for themselves.

Picketpost Run (Part of the Arizona Trail)

 Good times with Kathi and Matt

Friends out for an adventure

Friends out for an adventure

My Captain Morgan

My Captain Morgan


Javelina tracks

Javelina tracks


Panorama PP1




Cool Rock Formation

Cool Rock Formation

PP6 PP7 PP8 PP90 PP91 PP92  PP95


As usual, many of these pictures are not mine but are Matt’s. Also, check out check my good friend Kathi’s blog, Lucy’s Runner.


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